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Humor For The Soul

Editor's Note

Dear Colleague:

What did you have to go through to find all the information you needed for your last major project?

Flip through dozens of volumes on the bookshelf? .....waste time going over manuals, catalogs, technical bulletins? ... wait for manufacturers' reps to call you back? ....head out your office and down the hall to see if one of your colleagues has the answer?

How many times have you passed up a project altogether because the research would be too expensive and time-consuming?

That's why we've created the HVAC Handbook.  It gathers up all the essential design data you need - quickly, easily - in one simple, affordable reference book. This new timesaving problem-solver can be yours.  Keep it at your desk.  Take it out to the job.  I guarantee you'll like it. 

Gain Respect and Credibility

Increase your productivity and advance your career by becoming known as a problem-solver and troubleshooter.  Gain credibility and respect in the eyes of clients and colleagues by bringing creative solutions to your projects.

Having quick access to vital data means you work to your greatest potential. When your client, colleague, or superior needs an answer, you'll respond quickly - because the answer is right on your desk in the HVAC Handbook.

Broaden your knowledge and skills. Become a more effective leader and decision-maker.  Let the HVAC Handbook be your "silent partner" as you push ahead in your career.


Tom Arimes, P.E.
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